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“I Can’t Live Without My Radio” by Angie Ange

angie ange

If you are ever in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia between the hours of 6p-10p and you happen to turn your radio on to 93.9wkys, you will hear my voice. I go by the name of “YOUR ROYAL HYPENESS ANGIE ANGE,” but you can just call me Ange.

I am a true radio girl! All my life I have listened to the radio and the jocks, wanting to be like them. At 25 it still amazes me that I have already worked at all the stations I grew up listening to and have worked with all the jocks I grew up adoring; Donnie Simpson, Russ Parr, Olivia Foxx, Tigger, Steph Lova, P-Stew, just to name a few! For me, radio history dates back to a time, when jocks were the star and the music they loved, we loved. Now that I have become a jock myself, I find that my higher ups want the focus to be solely on the music. Music is the star! That’s what one of my bosses always tells me, and although I agree with him to a certain extent, I personally feel that my listeners are the star and I am merely a reflection of them. So if I can make my listeners the star on my show, then I in turn will also be a star and so will the music I play! But I digress…