“SummerTime Anthem” – Eric Roberson feat Chubb Rock

We love pushing our people. Singer, songwriter Eric Roberson is definitely one of our favorite friends on that list. “It’s the hottest day of the year. You can do nothing, you can move something, or you can jam to this “SummerTime Anthem.” The “SummerTime Anthem” is a special single for the summer from Eric Roberson […]

Backstage with Eric Roberson

On Saturday January 15th, I got the chance to go to the Eric Roberson and Algebra Concert at CenterStage Atlanta. Getting into a SOLD OUT show is a great feeling.. but nothing compared to the rush of being escorted backstage an hour before said show to kick it in the dressing room with the headliner. […]

“Robersonville” An Editorial by Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson recounts his journey discovering the history of his family. “Maybe slavery was such a sore spot that i was only interested in learning about it from afar, rather than the part i was actually connected to.”