Amazing Journeys: New Orleans – From the Ashes like a Phoenix

In our final episode in New Orleans we discussed the impact of hurricane Katrina, the response of some key residents, and their outlook on the future of New Orleans as a city of rebirth.

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Needless to say, the shows are great and very informative! New Orleans pt. 2, is being aired now. So, when you get a minute, please check out the show on your round up page, and definitely look at the entire series. It will be worth your while.

Amazing Journeys: New Orleans Part 2

Episode 2 of our Amazing Journey to New Orleans take us through Lil Dizzy’s restaurant to talk food with one of the city’s well known entrepreneurs. Also discover the heritage of the city by exploring its cultural makeup with Professor Shantrelle P Lewis.

Amazing Journeys: New Orleans (Part 1) – The City with a Sound Track

In my opinion this is our best episode yet. Check out our Journey to New Orleans as we discover the city through the eyes of some of its more influential residents, oh and us.

Amazing Journeys: Chicago Part 2 – Ain’t no Love in the Art of the City

Chicago is a city filled with art that grows despite its circumstance, like dandelions through the concrete. Some of the native residents may describe it better. -BeMo