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As many of you know, I have been supporting a healthy lifestyle change that I have appropriately labeled “The #GodBody Diet”. Here are the rules to the diet:
– Abstinence from Alcohol
– Abstinence from Sex
– At least 6 hours of sleep every night
– No packaged food unless it is signified as Organic
– Consume a gallon of water every day
– No farmed fish or meat
– Dairy products must be cage free, non- homogenized
– 3 days of cardio workout. Can include core workouts for strength training (i.e. Yoga, Pilates, Swimming)

In the last year and a half, I’ve lost 30 pounds on this diet/lifestyle change. I cycle it in 30 day intervals which have proven to be very manageable to me. I choose my intervals by checking my calendar and making sure that before certain trips like Roundup Rendezvous and any other beach related function or Homecoming Season, I show up looking and feeling my BEST!.

So, as of recently, A couple of beautiful ladies & friends have decided to take the plunge and give the #GodBody Diet a chance. So with a tweek of the title, I present you the Beautiful Ladies of the #GoddessBody Diet:

Jill Person

On August 3, 1985 in beautiful Los Angles, CA Jill I. Person was born. Her mother & father raised her 2 be an independent young lady and was taught to always go for what she wanted in life. At the age of three years old she was placed on her 1st tennis court & that wouldn’t be the last! She is the eldest of two siblings & a mother of a three year old boy. The very talented tennis player was offered a full scholarship to Tuskegee University and used her skills to earn 3 championship rings along with a degree in Social Work. Jill took her degree & applied it towards the Department of Family & Children Services in Atlanta, GA. Due to her lack of interest in the field she decided to move back to her hometown. She is currently in LA chilling : )

Jill has converted her blog to document the next 30 days of her diet including photos of meals & her progress in slimming & trimming. You can also follow her on Twitter through her day by clicking this photo:

Juli Mcshay

A native Floridian residing in the southeastern United States, The Southern Socialite is a lover of just about all things Southern. Currently studying law, she has promised herself that this is definitely her final collegiate degree. She enjoys traveling, so much so that she has lived in every time zone in the continental US, except MT. Education is the key to her heart. She received her high school diploma from America’s flagship African American boarding school Piney Woods Country Life School in Mississippi; a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Historic Talladega College; a Master’s degree in Public Administration from The Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern; and is completing her Jurist Doctorate degree someplace down in Dixie!
Juli has added a #GoddessBody Diet page to her blog to document the life of a socialite and managing healthy eating, juggling law school & a wonderful social life. You can also follow her on Twitter through her day by clicking this photo:

Please feel free to send me your story as well, I’d love to add you to this post and add to the encouragement of anyone who is thinking about getting healthy or detoxing in 30 day intervals. If you are on Twitter, keep an eye out for HashTags #GodBody and #GoddessBody Diet.

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