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  1. I think it is fairly easy not having experienced these situations to conclude that the stories should not be told. Unfortunately, Precious’ story is all too real for many African Americans, particularly those coming of age int he 1980s when the crack epidemic hit. To many of us in the “talented tenth” would rather dismiss these experiences, preferring to view the modern African America existence through a rose-colored lense. Until we acknowledge that these pathologies do indeed exist and actually attempt to alleviate some of these pathos that exist in our poorer communities, the African American community as a whole will continue to suffer…

  2. I do agree that this movie is based on a reality for some African Americans. However, does this story need to be told?… no. What needs to be told are stories of the Talented Tenth. Stories of great African Americans doing great things. Admit it or not, people’s opinions are greatly influenced by TV and movies. With so few Black dramas, another poor ghetto story that goes no where is not profound nor entertaining. It is repetitive and image damaging.

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