Marriage: The Single Black Man’s Perspective [Roundup Radio]

What do Black Men think about the institution of marriage? We asked three brothers with vastly different lifestyles about their personal outlook on marriage. This is just the beginning of a great and necessary discussion. Let us know what YOU think.

The Achievement Gap Problem Hits Home. Literally.

Mo the Educator writes about an issue in education that hits close to home for him literally and figuratively: how to properly educate Black children. In this case, a Black school principal’s career may be in jeopardy. Is his heart the only thing that’s in the right place?

“Robersonville” An Editorial by Eric Roberson

Eric Roberson recounts his journey discovering the history of his family. “Maybe slavery was such a sore spot that i was only interested in learning about it from afar, rather than the part i was actually connected to.”