Jill Scott Interview w Cameo by Scott Parker

Jill Scott fans have noticed that the songstress and mother has been looking great lately. Check out this press interview with Jill at Essence Music Fest. She is asked about her workout routine and gets a little back up on the topic.

New study: Vitamin-D Deficiency in Women Increases Risk of Pregnancy-Related High Blood Pressure

Vitamin D deficiency might help explain why African American women are at greater risk of preeclampsia than other racial groups, even when factors like income and healthcare access are taken into account.

Who is Responsible for the Rise in Childhood Obesity?

African-Americans saw 1.4 to 1.6 times more food ads than white children — fast food in particular. “African-American children and teens had more than double the rate of increase in exposure to fast-food ads compared with their white counterparts.