of Dead Prez Interview on Roundup Radio

I ran into Stic.Man at a formal reception after a Congressional Black Caucus gala in the Reagan Building, a Federal office and event space in downtown Washington, DC. The crowd had a few entertainers sprinkled throughout, recognizable faces like Isiah Thomas, Holly Robinson and Rodney Peete, to name a few, no real stretch.

Atlanta Alumni Going Hard for their Health

Join Alumni Wellness on Facebook: Alumni Wellness traveled to H.E.A.T Gym in Atlanta, GA to witness a circuit training session with Rahman “Ray” Grayson, FAMU Alum. HBCU Alum, Nichelle Brown-Frazier, Joey Digital, Jada Wright, Melissa St. Joy and Reggie Harrison jumpstarted their efforts with a body-shocking day of exercise. The Trainer: The Gym: […]

Become an Organ Donor and Save a Life

I have four simple words for you: organ donation saves lives. However, many people are still not sold on the importance of becoming an organ or tissue donor. Did you know that there are currently more than 100,000 people in the United States who are patiently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant? Better yet, do […]

Tracey Wilson Dropped 100 Pounds. Help her Show the World!

Tracey Wilson has worked her butt off and as a result dropped an astonishing 100 pounds. In the process she’s discovered her passion and the warrior inside her. Now she has the chance to be on the cover of Fitness Magazine with your help.

The Adventures of @BillyOceanbot and @BAnjeeB: Ropes and Silks

On a stormy Thursday night, I got a txt msg. It went down like this. @BAnjeeB: hey Billy want to take a Ropes and Silks class? @BillyOceanbot: Hell yeah! (thinks to herself, what the hell is a ropes and silks class). And so the adventure begins with the fun and fitness duo. Ropes and Silks […]

A Tool that Trainer Scott Parker likes for Getting fit

The TRX suspension trainer is the best home fitness product that I have used in many years and I have tested a lot of them. I personally use it twice per week as a full body circuit trainer. Check it out.