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  1. sure….lots of non-HBCU’s will drop some serious cash and put forth great efforts to have a THE best “Black History” programs in one month [could they feel a sense of obligation/guilt???]….Historically….Black….[reportedly, the first land grant institution ran solely by black/brown people] that’s what VSU is…
    when I attended VSU, the students were pro-active….perhaps by next year, those who don’t feel that “Black History”….OURstory is being celebrated enough – do something about it…..BTW…..Dr. Edgar Toppin was one of VSU/VCU’s finest Professors with whom I had the pleasure of studying OURstory under; i would strongly suggest that students visit Mr. Edwards in the archives department on campus….perhaps the emphasis should be on that [first] and not just a month long show and tell event.

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