Remember that moment when you realized you that you were actually going to be staying in that college dorm room after your friends and family left that first day? I think to all of us, it felt like a closet; a cold lifeless space that lacked ALL of the luxuries of our room at home.

I remember that shopping trip with my parents and brother. There were two categories of items; the ones I wanted, the things my parents and brother knew I needed. Although I distinctly remember being salty that day just like Kaiya was, I remember those small things that I never thought I needed or had on my wishlist were what got me through my first few weeks in a strange place alone. Amongst those items were a box fan from AMES grocery store to place in my window [That’s right, no central air], some flip flops for the shower and Buric Acid for any unwanted guests.

It was very funny to me as I followed Kaiya and family to re-live these same moments and feelings. I hope it struck a memory chord with you too.

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-Rustin Moore

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