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My Black Year – Historically Black Friday

As you know we’re advocating supporting businesses owned and operated by our HBCU family.

I though you’d enjoy the video attached, as a reminder of why the little decisions we make daily and weekly make a huge difference.

Finance + Business

Showcase YOUR HBCU Alumni-Owned Business – Historically Black Friday

Do you know excellent HBCU Alumni business owners?

We’ve seen first hand, the power of uniting and approaching change through our economic power.

This holiday season, Alumni Roundup is supporting alumni-owned businesses, with the hope of creating more opportunities for our dollars to circulate in our community.

Introducing Historically Black Friday Once a week we’re sending our membership of thousands of alumni a summary of businesses owned by members of our community.

We’ve created an opportunity for those excellent service providers and vendors among us to reach a receptive audience of supportive alumni.

Direct to Alumni.

We hope that the Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Restauranteurs, and vendors among us will find this more than helpful. And we hope our membership finds the opportunity to fulfill more of their holiday shopping from within our ranks.

Sincerely, -Be Moore Founder, Alumni Roundup

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Campus Life

Homeless at Howard: An Alumni Discussion

Homeless at Howard

Listen in on this wide reaching conversation between concerned Howard University Alumni, and HBCU advocates: Dr. Maurice Dolberry, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson, and hosted by Be Moore.

The issues addressed reach far into the social implications of the global responses to the issue as well as concerns moving forward.


[DC] IN JAZZ WE TRUST: Music in Motion, June 14th, 2015


IN JAZZ WE TRUST: Music in Motion


Washington, DC  – Acclaimed choreographer, Princess Mhoon, presents IN JAZZ WE TRUST: Music in Motion, an evening of dance works that look at the rich tradition of jazz music. Featuring legendary compositions of some the greats, this concert will take you on a visceral journey of timeless beauty of an era past.

With work commissioned by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Princess Mhoon has been called a visionary of her generation. “Known for her chameleon-like quality, Mhoon’s movement seamlessly connects modern, ballet, hip-hop, and African dance styles, and has been seen nationally and internationally. She is a 2015 Helen Hayes nominee for Best Choreographer in a Musical.


Ray Lewis Missed an Opportunity to Tackle an Important Issue… But I Don’t

Note: This article appears originally at

In the wake of the protests against police brutality and the killing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis released a video meant to deter people who used the outcry as an opportunity to destroy property. The passion he brought to his Hall of Fame football career is there, but his rambling, out-of-touch commentary is missing almost every important historical aspect regarding why the protests and property destruction happened in the first place.

This is my take on what Ray was saying…

Featured News

Editorial: Do we have the wherewithal to respond to injustice?

Memorial In Brooklyn For Recent Victims Of Police Violence, Eric Garner And Michael Brown

By Be Moore

In 1991, Howard University rested squarely in the hood.

Now, the university hasn’t MOVED, but think of the hood as a sort of tide that rises and encompasses areas, and other times recedes, leaving traces like flopping fish on the ground after a tidal wave. We we’re under water.

Along with hood, comes hood fixings. Familiar things that you’ve surely seen before: bad graffiti, low grade food, and trash that rolls like tumbleweeds. Another key element to the hood is an ever present lack of respect for it’s residents.


Darren Wilson is Not Indicted: White Supremacy Wins

Darren Wilson
I don’t know whether Darren Wilson is a racist. Or a White supremacist. It doesn’t matter. The fact that he will never face a trial by jury for killing Michael Brown is a victory for White supremacy all the same.

Michael Brown, killed by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014

Jazzy Jeff and Skillz are TALKING ABOUT YOU Hanging out at CIAA :)

Ha! Jazzy Jeff and his team are on the road AS USUSAL, and into their second season documenting their journeys via their web show “Vinyl Destination.”

In this episode, the season opener, Jeff and Skillz discuss their experience with the crowd during the CIAA Tournament. I won’t lie, I literally laughed out loud.

Watch with caution, as you might see yourself in the video. Or worse, your moms.