Planet Fitness: Not Such a “Judgment-Free Zone” After All – Ban Women’s Hair Scarves

By Stephanie Humphrey I consider myself to be many things – friend, tech-life expert, daughter among others.  I like to think that activist falls somewhere on that list, but beyond the sporadic addition of my name to a petition on, I don’t regularly make very many causes a priority in my life.  So while […]

No More Mayhem with Mayweather – 3 Things Boxing’s Champ Should Consider While in Jail

By James L. Walker, Jr. –  What a difference a few days can make. Less than three weeks after Floyd “Money” Mayweather – the sports world’s highest paid athlete – went to jail as part of his 90 day sentence for a domestic violence conviction, several things have changed. His chief rival Manny Pacquiao – […]

Damali Elliott is Having a Huge Positive Impact in The Lives of Young Ladies

My Name is…Damali Elliott …and I’m an out of this world, leap for the stars DREAMER! I believe we each have dreams that are connected to our purpose. As the super nice do-gooder, who smiles at everyone and will most likely greet you with a hug, it may be hard to see that I am […]

Michael Jackson: 3 Years Later Have We Learned Anything From MJ’s Death?

WAKE UP MUSIC INDUSTRY AND AMERICA: WE HAVE A DRUG PROBLEM! BY JAMES L. WALKER, JR. – ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER Today, marks the 3rd anniversary of the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. On June 25th, 2009, the great singer was found unconscious at his home and rushed to a hospital.  We later learned he died from […]